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Water Still (Wall Mounting/ Distillation Set)

Water Still (Wall Mounting/ Distillation Set) : Dewsil -11810
Making pyrogen free/distilled water of a very high degree of purity. Made out of S.S.
Model No. Capacity Load
1181001 2 liter/hr(approx) 2.0 KW
1181002 4 liter/hr(approx) 3.0 KW
1181003 6 liter/hr(approx) 4.5 KW

Optional Accessories
  • Monoblock Vacuume -Cum -Low Pressure Pump
  • Oil Free Vacuum Pump

Water Still (Table Patern-Barnstead Type)

Water Still (Table Patern-Barnstead Type) ( S Steel ) : Dewsil - 11812
Double walled construction with inner & outer chamber made of S.S. the gap in between being fitted with glass wool. The condenser & top are also made of S.S. the raw water is first made of pass around the tubes in the condenser. Where it gets heated nearly to the boiling pointsthus economizing the heating energy. The heated water passes to the evaporator through a water level maintaining pipe. Excess water is let out through the drain. To work on 220/230 volts A.C. supply.
Model No. Capacity Load
1181201 2 liter/hr 2.0 KW
1181202 4 liter/hr 3.0 KW
1181203 6 liter/hr 4.0 KW

Circulating Water Bath

Circulating Water Bath : Dewsil - 11830
A highly in demand instrument where water is required to be circulated to some. External source through a F.H.P pump .Temperature form ambient to 900C. Inner chamber made of S.S and outer chamber made of M.S.
Optional Accessories
  • Microprocessor Digital Temperature Controller

Tissue Flotation Bath

Tissue Flotation Bath : Dewsil-11835
This double walled unit is most suited for preparing wrinkle free tissue specimens. Insides is made up of Stainless Steel & Steel & outside of M.S. Sheet duly powder coated. Temp. range from ambient to 900C+- 20C is controlled hydraulic type thermostat. Inside Size 250 mm dia x 100 mm depth

Water Bath Rectangular (Single Wall)

Water Bath Rectangular (Single Wall) : Dewsil - 11840
Made out of heavy gauge S.S. with concentric rings.To work on 220/230 A.C. supply.
Model No. Size
1184001 300x250x100 mm (6 holes of 75 mm dia)
1184002 355x405x75 mm (12 holes of 75 mm dia)

Water Bath Rectangular Thermostatic (Double Walled)

Water Bath Rectangular Thermostatic (Double Walled) : Dewsil - 11845
It is a double walled bath with inner chamber made of S.S. & outer wall made of duly powder coated/painted. The gap between outer & inner walls is fitted with special grade glass wool insulation. The concentric rings can be removed to accommodate containers of various sizes. Temp. From ambient to 900 C +- 20 C is to be controlled by thermostat.
Model No. Size
1184501 300 x250 x 100 mm (6 holes of 75 mm dia)
1184502 355 x 405 x 100 mm (12 holes of 75 mm dia)

Optional Accessories
  • Digital Microprocessor Temperature Controller
  • PID Temperature Controller