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Vortex Shaker ( Test Tube Shaker )

Vortex Shaker ( Test Tube Shaker ) : Dewsil-11830
Useful for stirring centrifugal tubes, Test tubes or small flasks. Fitted with a Neoprene rubber cup mounted eccentrically on the shaft against which at its held the tube with its lower end pressing against the cup. Mixing action is controlled by varying the angle and pressure of the tube against the Cup. Fitted with speed control arrangement. To work on 220/230 volts A.C Supply.With on/off switch.

V.D.R.L Rotator

V.D.R.L Rotator : Dewsil - 11850
Used for V.D.R.L Tests blood grouping test , various agglutination tests for for mixing of solutions in small bottles, flasks or beakers. It has a platform of size 300 x300 mm. and can accommodate blood bottles slides or flasks using a spring holder. Supplied complete with cord and plug to work on 220/230 volts A.C.
1185001 Fixed Speed at 180 rpm
1185002 Variable Speed

Optional Accessories
  • Automatic 0-60 minutes German Timer
  • Microprocessor based Digital R.P.M. Meter

Kahn (Reciprocating ) Shaking Machine

Kahn (Reciprocating ) Shaking Machine : Dewsil - 11852
Kahn racks, bottles or flasks of different size can be shaken by adjusting the compartments provided on the shaking rack. DC Motor drive with continuously variable electronic speed regulator, The rate of motion can be adjusted by the electronic speed regulator from 140 to 250 rpm approximately. To work on 220/230 volts. A.C supply.
Product Code Platform size
1185201 20" x 13" x 4"
1185202 31" x 17" x 4"
1185203 36" x 18" x 4"

Optional Accessories
  • Microprocessor based digital RPM counter
  • Automatic 0-60 minutes German Timer
  • Automatic Digital Timer

Wrist Action Shaking Machine

Wrist Action Shaking Machine : Dewsil-11853
It has a heavy cast iron with rugged construction and two side arms for holding flasks fitted with a FHP Heavy duty motor with variable speed. Can hold flasks from 100 to 1000 ml. Capacity. Supplied with cord and plug to work on 220/230 Volts AC Supply
Product Code Items description
1185301 to hold 4 flask
1185302 for 4 flask and top platform to hold 4 flask/ bottlex
1185303 to hold 8 flask
1185304 for 4 flask and top platform to hold 4 flask/ bottlex

Gel Rocker Shaker

Gel Rocker Shaker : Dewsil- 11854
Having variable speed of 10 to 50 rpm & angle tilt of 20 to 60 the unit is fitted with D.C Driven motor with variable speed and timer
Product Code Size
1185401 12" x 12"
1185402 18" x 18"
1185403 24" x 24"
1185404 36" x 36"

Flocculator ( Jar Testing Apparatus)

Flocculator ( Jar Testing Apparatus) : Dewsil-11855
Flocculate has been specially designed for use in water treatment plants to correctly estimate the dosing of alum and such other coagulants for treatment of sewage. In provides identical test conditions for all samples. Illuminated base consists of fluorescent tube mounted below translucent plastic plate to provide diffused cold light through floc sample. Flocculate consists of geared continuous run heavy duty 1/20 H.P variable speed Motor variable speed motor from 10 to 200 RPM with built in speed control. S.S stirring rods are provided with adjustable spacers to adjust the depth of stirring paddles. The stirring shaft can be removed without disturbing other stirrers. This unit is supplied without beaker to work on 220/230 volts A.C
  • for Two Stirrers
  • for Four Stirrers
  • for six Stirrers