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Seed Germinator ( Single Chamber)

Seed Germinator ( Single Chamber) With Digital Temp. Controller : Dewsil -11920
Temperature form 50C to 500C +-10C is controlled by Microprocessor digital temp . Indicator-Cum -Controller . Humidity is controlled by Microprocessor Digital Humidity Controller created in a S.S water reservoir fitted at the bottom to provide 60% to 95 % RH+-3%Humidity. Supply Complete with S.Steel 14 adjustable perforated tray. Complete with cord & Plug to work on 220/230 volts A.C Supply.
  • Inside Chamber Size S.S (304 Grade)
  • 55mm x 910mm x 605 mm (22"W x 36" H 24" D)

Soxhlet Extraction Unit

Soxhlet Extraction Unit : Dewsil - 11950
Ideal heater for the extractors of Soxhlet and other types . This apparatus is suitable to heat soxhlet flasks of 50-500 ml. It consists of M.S.Sheet Housing, vertical &Two horizontal rods with adopters and screws to hold the flasks. To Works on 220/230 Volt AC Supply.
Model No. Description
1195001 Unit of 3 test Mantle Type Deluxe Model (with out glass part)
1195002 Unit of 6 test mantle Type Deluxe Model (without glass part)

Micro Kjeldahl Digestion Unit

Micro Kjeldahl Digestion Unit : Dewsil -11960
This apparatus is used for estimation of nitrogen content in the substance by digestion in micro flasks of capacity of 30, 50 and 100 ml, The housing is made of M.S. painted with attractive stove enamel. To work on 220/230 volt AC. Supply.
  • Unit of 6 test mantle type (without Glass part)

Kjeldahl Distillation Unit

Kjeldahl Distillation Unit : Dewsil - 11965
This is vary useful for distillation purpose for 300 ml, 500 ml and 800 ml capacity of flasks. Provided with condenser rack and clamp. To work on 220/230 volt A.C Supply.
Product Code Items description
1196501 unit for 3 test mantle type (without glass Parts)
1196502 unit for 6 test mantle type (without glass parts)

Laboratory Jack

Laboratory Jack (Made Of Stainless Steel) : Dewsil - 11967
Product Code Size
1196701 15 x20 cm
1196702 20 x20 cm


Tensiometer : Dewsil-11968
Specification : Standard model, fitted with suction meter 0-100 centibar vacuum, with screw able ceramic tip and translucent head assembly with insertion coring tool, tensiometer gauge recording charts and hand suction tensiometer priming syringe.
Product Code Size
1196801 15 cm
1196802 30 cm
1196803 45 cm
1196804 75 cm
1196805 90 cm