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Rectangular Hot Plate

Rectangular Hot Plate: Dewsil-11396
upto 300oC. The body is made of specially designed perforated P.C.R. C Sheet painted with attractive stove enamel with insulated elements . To work on 220/230 volts A.C
Model No. Size(B x Lx H)
1139601 20x30x15cm (10"x12"x6")
1139602 25x40x15cm (10"x16"x6")
1139603 30x45x15cm (12"x18"x6")
1139604 45x60x15cm (18"x24"x6")

Optional Accessories
  • PID Microprocessor Base Digital

Homogenizer (Emulsifier)

Homogenizer (Emulsifier) : Dewsil -11400
Fitted with F.H.P. Motor having speed regulator and maximum speed 4000 RPM with perforated S.S disc. The unit is having arrangement for moving in horizontal and vertical direction (Com. with stand)with1/20 H.P. Motor and S.S disc and speed regulator

Karl Fisher Apparatus

Karl Fisher Apparatus (Digital Automatic) : Dewsil - 11410
Having combined units with array of 10 LED's Buzzer , adjustable timer, dual platinum electrode and other accessories, adjustable timer, variable speed of Magnetic stirrer with ON/Off Control.
Optional & Spares
  • Dual Platinum electrode
  • Burette Clear Glass (10 ml)
  • Titration Vassel
  • Reservoir Bottle (500 ml)
  • Dispensing Tube (Set of Five)

Kjeldahl Digestion Unit

Kjeldahl Digestion Unit : Dewsil -11430
For 500 ml and 800 ml Capacity flasks
Model No. Description
1143001 Unit of 3 test Mantle Type (with out glass part)
1143002 Unit of 6 test mantle Type (without glass part)

Laboratory Stirrer

Laboratory Stirrer : Dewsil -11440
maximum speed up to 4000 r.p.m.
Model No. Capacity
1144001 With 1/20 H.P. motor
1144002 With 1/8 H.P. motor
1144003 With 1/8 H.P. motor
1144004 With ¼ H.P. motor

Optional Accessories
  • Automatic 0-60 minutes "GERMAN" TIMER

Leak Test Apparatus Complete

Leak Test Apparatus Complete: Dewsil-11450
With Vacuum pump, timer &Dessicator