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Crucible Gooch Porcelain Without Lid

Product Code Capacity Packing
70340 15ML 10PCS
70341 25ML 10 PCS
70342 50ML 10 PCS
70343 80ML 10 PCS
70344 100ML 10 PCS
70345 150ML 10 PCS
Crucible Lid cost will be extra

Cuvettes (Optical Cells) For UV Spectrophotometer Quartz

Product Code Optical Path Length(Mm) External Size (Mm) Capacity (Ml)
70350 1mm 12.5x3.5x45 0.35ml
70351 10mm 12.5x12.5x45 0.7ml
70352 (Black)10mm oblique midget 12.5x12.5x45 1.00ml
70353 oblique midget 12.5x12.5x45 1.40ml
70354 10mm 12.5x12.5x45 3.50ml
70355 20mm 12.5x22.5x45 7.00ml
70356 40mm 12.5x42.5x45 14.00ml
70357 50mm 12.5x52.5x45 17.50ml
70358 100mm 12.5x102.5x45 35.00ml

Cuvettes Disposable

Product Code I.D. W.T(in mm) Packing
70360 10mm 1.5ml 100 cuvette
70361 10mm 4ml 100 cuvette

Optical Cells For Spectrophotometer Glass

Optical Cells For Spectrophotometer Glass (Two Sides Polished With PTFE Cover Flat Form Bottom
Product Code Optical Path Length(mm) External Size (mm) Capacity (ml)
70370 Oblique midget 10mm 12.5x12.5x45 0.7ml
70371 (Black)10mm 12.5x12.5x45 1.40ml
70372 10mm 12.5x12.5x45 3.50ml
70373 20mm 12.5x22.5x45 7.00ml
70374 40mm 12.5x42.5x45 14.00ml
70375 50mm 12.5x52.5x45 17.50ml
70376 100mm 12.5x102.5x45 35.00ml

Disinfectant For Hand Wash

Product Code Size
70400 500 ml
70401 2500ml
70402 5000 ml