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Air Laminar Flow Cabinet (Horizontal)

Air Laminar Flow Cabinet (Horizontal) : Dewsil_11460
HEPA filters pre-filters & fluorescent illuminated &U.V. Light
Model No. 1146022 1146032 1146042 1146062
Working size 2'x2'x2' 3'x2'x2' 4'x2'x2' 6'x2'x2'
Size of HEPA filter 2'x2'x6' 3'x2'x6' 4'x2'x6' 3'x2'x6'
No. of HEPA filter 1 1 1 2
Illumination 1x20w 1x20w 2x40w 2x40w

Fume Hood

Fume Hood : Dewsil -11480
Fabricated out of thick wooden board these are designed so as to throw out at toxic / harmful vapours , thus protecting costly instruments & the person working in the lab. Outer is finished with sunmica and inner epoxy painted Working table top is fitted with acid / alkali resistant tiles/ S.S and a small wash basin with connections provided for inlet and outlet of water. The front door moves vertically up and down with concealed counter balanced weight. .The unit if fitted with fluorescent light and a gas cock of gas / air supply . The space under the work station can be provided with storage compartments for storage purpose. The front facing panel is fitted with 15/5 Amp. Socket with switches for exhaust system and fluorescent light. To work on 220/230 volts A.C Supply.
Product No. 1148001 1148002 1148003
Working Size 3'x 2'x 2' 4'x 2'x 2' 6'x 2'x 2'

Optional Accessories
  • PVC Fume Duct (Per Running Feet)
  • Inner Chamber FRP / SS (per Running Feet

Dissecting Microscope

Dissecting Microscope ( Deluxe Model) : Dewsil_11500
This a deluxe model with all brass parts and fitted with bull wye lens 80 mm dia and 10x and 20x achromatic eye piece. Packed in plywood box.

Student Microscope

Student Microscope : Dewsil-11501
Triple revolving nose piece, horse shoebase. Separate coarse and fine motion. Knobs having stopper for slide safety. Achromatic Objectives (10x and 45x) eye pieces (10x and 15x)Fitted with disc Diaphrame and packed in wooden box

Junior Medical Microscope

Junior Medical Microscope : Dewsil-11502
Achromatic Objectives ( 10 x and 45 x ) Eye pieces (10x and 15x) fitted with fixed sub stage condenser NA 1.2 and iris diaphragm moving up and down with rack and pinion with graduated slow motion reading to 0.002mm . Nicely packed in wooden box
Model No. Capacity
1144001 With 1/20 H.P. motor
1144002 With 1/8 H.P. motor
1144003 With 1/8 H.P. motor
1144004 With ¼ H.P. motor

Optional Accessories
  • Automatic 0-60 minutes "GERMAN" TIMER

Senior Research Medical Microscope

Senior Research Medical Microscope : Dewsil-11505
  • Triple revolving nose piece with horse shoe.
  • Achromatic Objectives (10x , 45x and 100 x ) Helenian Eye pieces (10x and 15x) packed in wooden box.